WOOHOOO! Over a year since the last update!;) I forgot to upload the movie by me and Timpa, called RIP. Enjoy!

Hey, check out the videoclips section..a new clip BLOOPERS is added..pretty funny!:> -Mike "A Chubbi" Li

Hey there! The new clip "New Moves" is uploaded... It didnt turn out the way I wanted.... Ill try and make the next one better... didnt get the kicks as clean as I wanted.. :o/ Also the "2nd Preview" is now available in Windows Media 9 format... Enjoy and leave comments! =)
-Mike "A Chubbi" Li

Howdy! The show at Masters Cup went pretty well... Tim was the main event ofcourse and they did a hell of a job to make sure people understood it! :) *Congrats Timpa* As for "my show" and the went farely well... Im gonna try and film the new Stick vs Tonfa fight during the week... For those of you who saw the one at Masters Cup... well if you liked that one a little... I think the new one will be much more appreciated! Stay tuned for more...

Things coming up...

  • "New Moves" - Videoclip
  • "The New Stick vs Tonfa" - Videoclip
    Have a good one... -Mike

    Well, the GuestBook is up!:) Please leave some comments!
    Cheers... -mike

    Shit, was gonna film the last things for the new clip but now Ive got some serious pain in my back. Can hardly move so Ill have to postpone it... Hope the shit goes away... weve got a show in Stockholm at MASTERS CUP... Anyway, take care!

    Expecting the next clip to be done in a few days, gonna film the last moves a.s.a.p... or as soon as my soreness (is that a word?) goes away... Stay tuned for some new moves..*for me anyway*

    Hi, image gallery is updated! Took some screenshots from the new clip Im putting together... Btw, guestbook is coming up...

    Pain in my leg is going away it seems and I just managed to do a 540 again! :) *happy*
    Anyway, to celebrate this *which will hopefully be a little comeback* I made a new trailer with NEVER BEFORE SEEN FOOTAGE!:) Visit the Video Clips page for downloads...
    Peace... -Maiku "Chubbi"

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